A look at floor hardeners

Even though concrete is tough, some environments may make it not sufficient. It tends to wear out gradually. The use and eventual maintenance of the floor are the main factors influencing the longevity of the floor. To prevent the premature wear and tear, concrete hardeners are used. They work by ensuring that the curing and sealing of the concrete is uniform.

A chemical reaction occurs when hardeners are applied to concrete. This makes it possible for the hardeners to penetrate the pores. Additionally, their use helps increase the bond between various floor coverings and surface treatments. The curling of freshly poured concrete is also prevented. Application of floor hardeners can be done on both new and existing slabs.

Certain things must be put into consideration before using floor hardeners. Concrete mixtures are never identical. Some floors can be made using steel-fiber reinforced concrete. Others may contain higher quantities of cement. Aggregates vary from gravel, crushed stone, sand, slag, recycled concrete, and geosynthetic aggregates. Cement fillers and replacements are more environmentally friendly; however, they have a lower resistance to surface deterioration. Each factor contributes to the durability of your concrete substrate.
The concrete floor of a high traffic area would necessitate the use of floor hardeners. For industrial floor, floor hardeners are a necessity due to the threat of damage by equipment, vehicular wheels and constant foot traffic. The specification of floor hardeners is based on light, medium and heavy usage of the floors.

What’s the Expected Lifetime of your Floor?

There are several factors influencing the longevity of your concrete floor, key among them; strength of the substrate, surface preparation and the continued maintenance. One should consider how long they will be using the current building, and the size of budget for initial floor and its eventual maintenance. Once this has been determined, a professional flooring company will advise you on the recommended hardener and application process. In some instances, especially when your floor predates your company, you may not be aware of the makeup of the floor. In such a case, liquid floor hardeners should be used.

Choose an Experienced Concrete Flooring Contractor

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