Product Description Application / End Use Coverage Pack Size
Conmix Fiber Long chain synthetic poly propylene
Used as an additive in concrete and mortar mixes like screeds, plasters, renders, etc. Refer Data Sheet 0.60 kg & 1 kg
Conmix ConTape Self adhesive viscoelastic waterproofing
Used to provide waterproof flexible bridge over all joints, intersec-tions, cracks, cuts, gaps, overlaps, etc. on concrete, wood, metal and variety of substrates. It is used in wet areas, bathrooms, kitchens,
pods, etc. It is an excellent means to waterproof overlapping joints on
profiled metal roofs, J-hooks, metal gutters, etc. Provides waterproof
transition media for various liquid applied water-proofing membranesat corners, covings, sharp edges, pipe peripheries, etc.
80 – 100 mm wide roll 10 rm/roll
Conmix Acid Etch Acid based etching agent Used for surface preparation before coating applications, cleaning and
enhancing bonding properties between treated surface and
subsequent coatings. It is used to remove oil, grease, fuel, chemicals,
etc. Used to remove hardened cement particles, concrete, etc. from
metal parts.
N/A 5 & 20 ltr pail
Conmix Cleaner Cleaning agent for tools & equipments Primarily used for cleaning tools and equipment used in the
application of resinous products. It can also be used for cleaning of
contaminated floors, removal of resin based materials from floor
surfaces and breaking down of oil, grease and wax build-up.
N/A 5 & 20 ltr pail
Conmix Thinner Thinner for resinous products It is used to adjust the consistency of epoxy, polyurethane and other
resinous products for airless spray application.
N/A 5 & 20 ltr pail
Conmix Sealer Sealer and Primer coat It must be applied directly from the container, do not dilute it. Apply
by airless spray or brush. No special surface preparation is required
for the application of this product. Ensure the surface is free from oil,
grease, dust, curing compound, etc.
7-8 m²/ltr/coat 5,20 & 200
ltr pail
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