Product Description Application / End Use Pack Size
FitBond AR AR is a single component, acrylic polymer based bonding agent, curing agent and additive for cementitious mortars, concrete and repair materials. FitBond AR is used for bonding of repair mortars / gypsum plasters. It can also be used as a curing membrane to prevent loss of water from the repair mortar. 5 ltrs, 20 ltrs and 200 ltrs
FitBond EA EA is a two component solvent free epoxy resin bonding agent. FitBond EA is used as a bonding agent between old and new concrete, screeds,
mortars, steel to concrete, etc.
FitBond Latex is an aqueous emulsion specially formulated for use as a bonding agent
and as an additive with cementitious mixes to improve the mix properties.
FitBond Latex is used in cementitious mortars, plasters, concrete, thin layer patch
mortars etc. to improve waterproofing, wear resistance, durability and bonding
5 ltr, 20 ltr and 200ltr
FitBond PVA PVA is a polyvinyl acetate based, ready to use, liquid bonding agent, additive, primer and sealer. FitBond PVA is used to improve the quality of cement mixes such as, thin layer patch
mortars, plasters, concrete repair mortars, adhesives and seals.
5 Itr, 20 Itr and 200 Itr
FitBond SBR SBR is a styrene butadiene rubber based bonding aid and additive for mortars, renders and concrete. FitBond SBR is used as a bonding agent for cementitious / gypsum plasters, renders
etc. It is used to increase water tightness of renders to be applied on internal and
external walls, basements, swimming pools, water tanks, tunnels, underpasses, sludge
tanks etc.
5 ltr, 20 Itr and 200 ltr
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