How Dangerous Is Your Basement?

Basements are very convenient for storage, parking and as a place to work on things or do laundry. It can also be finished into a beautiful extension of the home. In some instances, basements might have leaks or dampness which might expose you to dangers that can be easily fixed. Here are some of the major basement waterproofing issues in Kenya.

Rotting Beams
Presence of moisture in your basement can often make the wood beams and walls to warp. Certain levels of dampness also make the wood rot over time. This can seem to be a trivial issue in the short term, but it can cause a major structural damage with time.

Black Mold
Mold and mildew are never a pleasant thing in your building. Black mold is especially known to be toxic to humans. Sometimes it is out in the open, and other times it can be behind walls or in ceilings when things are damp. If you are not sure about mold or mildew, call a specialist to take a look. Basement waterproofing companies can assess the risk and offer a solution

Insects always attract other insects. Ensuring your basement is clean and dry will reduce the risk of insects. The last thing you’d want is ants eating your support beams or spiders nesting in your home. Keeping your basement dry and clean will minimize the insects in your home. To prevent this, always ensure there are no food sources for these pests, and most importantly reduce the moisture.

Flooding of the basement comes with lots of danger. Key among them are electrical shorts and eventual damage of the walls and any belongings. Taking care of the small leaks ensures such a problem never occurs.

Foundation Collapsing
Whenever basement walls bow, there’s a great probability that they will collapse. This poses much danger to anyone around since the basement supports the whole house. If you have bowing basement walls, call a basement waterproofing company that also does foundation repair right away.

In Doors East Africa is a construction chemicals company with over 10 years of experience waterproofing in Kenya. Give us a call today if you have any waterproofing issues and we will get it inspected.

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